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Types of EV chargers

Level 1

  • Any existing power point (10 amp)
  • No specialised installation required

Level 2

  • A 15 amp power point, this will allow most electric cars to be fully recharged overnight
  • Requires an electrician to install
  • Typically installed in the home and at long stay destinations (work, shopping centres)

Level 3

  • A 55 amp power point, this can provide approximately 80% charge in 30 mins
  • Require specialised installation
  • Effectively replace today’s fuel stations

Charging infrastructure providers

(Information provided by participating companies)

JET Charge

JET Charge has developed sophisticated and affordable EV charging solutions for residential premises, apartment complexes, workplaces and public charging stations.


ChargePoint is a network operator of public and private charging stations. We provide the full scope of charging requirements to keep your electric vehicle moving.


E-stations aim is to serve the emerging Electric Vehicle market in Australia by providing low cost plug in charge points to cities, local councils and private operators.


Tritium has developed a product portfolio of world-leading technologies that have been used in numerous solar car, electric vehicle and renewable energy projects globally.


Keba provide holistic infrastructure solution for electromobility. Charging stations that are easy to install and operate.


eGo Dock exclusively supply and install high quality and easy-to-use JuiceBox chargers direct from the USA.


Charge Faster, Driver Further with EVSE Australia. Choose from Australia’s largest range of EV Charging stations and accessories, backed by our nationwide turnkey installation service.



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