On the 8 December 2015 the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) met with a very engaging and positive Transport Policy team within Strategic Planning in the Environment & Planning Directorate.

Consideration was given to the barriers for EV adoption which the EVC identified them to be; the lack of public charging stations, asymmetric information between the market (consumer and fleet) and the manufacturers of electric vehicles. Overseas incentives for the purchase of BEV/PHEV is what develops the market and encourages significant take up eg Norway and California. Discussion centred on the role for Government to play in developing the broad policy frameworks to support the reduce barriers to encourage the BEV/PHEV market to develop.

The EVC advocated for increased collaboration and engagement between stakeholders across Government, OEMs and the broader transport market.

The EVC provided information on recent Ministerial discussions for the implementation of broader EV incentives in the territory, specifically; continuing the reduction of duty at car registration, providing access to T2/bus lanes, parking incentives and planning rules to ensure every new car space built in the ACT has access to a 15A powerpoint.

It is evident that there is a growing consensus that EVs fit the objectives for Territory on a number of policy strategies (decarbonising the transport network, fuel security and innovation) and recent conversations with Ministers and policy staff have all been encouraging, to the end that progress is being made to encourage EV adoption is reaching broad consensus.



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