Market and Infrastructure Developments Supporting the Uptake of Electric Vehicles in Australia

5 Oct 2016, 11:00 AM – 12:20 PM – Room 213

Hear from;

  • Behyad Jafari, Chair, Electric Vehicle Council
  • Bede Doherty, e-Mobility Manager, BMW Finance – Alphabet
  • Scott Nargar, Product Planning & Fuel Cell Program Manager, Hyundai Motor Company Australia
  • Daryl Budgeon, Secretary, Victorian Branch, Australian Electric Vehicle Association

The Electric Vehicle Council, the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and BMW Finance – Alphabet and Hyundai, convened by ClimateWorks Australia are all strategically driving market and infrastructure developments in Australia.

This session will feature of updates on these initiatives and explore their progress to date and key future developments required to increasingly integrate electric vehicles into our transport future.

Forget the vehicle as you know it. Transport will evolve from a fossil-fuel based, vehicle-owned, driver-based, disconnected model to a low emissions, virtualised national/corporate/private fleet which is connected to the grid, business and home as well as transport infrastructure. Storage and wholesale energy solutions may include vehicle interaction. The ownership model will change, fleet virtualisation will occur, car-sharing will emerge as a key model, vehicle autonomy will increase and building design, especially building energy infrastructure, will evolve to accommodate the new models, including PV, storage integration and intelligent control. The roadmap for this transformation will be explained with recommendations for companies on how to prepare for this transformation.

With insights from the electricity, automotive, technology, government and technology sectors, this session will explore solutions to encourage and facilitate government, corporate and private uptake of electric vehicles.



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