Provide the focal point for electric vehicles within the Australian Capital Territory and Region

Generate political and business support for electric vehicles with a coordinated approach through the council’s academic, corporate and Government representatives

Establish networks and relationships with industry stakeholders; and provide an ACT point of contact for electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers

Monitor developments in the global electric vehicle industry; inform stakeholders of projects relating to new and emerging technologies and build on international experience and expertise in the ACT and Region

Support local individuals/ academia who are seeking to progress electric vehicle technologies and research

Solicit support from interested parties such as community groups and government, to support the establishment of the ACT and Region electric vehicle market

Assist in lobbying for funding and other non-financial support to increase the customer value proposition for electric vehicle ownership

Educate and increase awareness of electric vehicles in the ACT and Region including information on the economic and environmental benefits; through positive promotion and public relations activities such as public exhibitions, media electric vehicle events, competitions, displays, demonstrations and talks

Compare and communicate the cost efficiency of electric vehicles with mainstream fuel alternatives

Develop strategies and take action to stimulate the Australian electric vehicle industry to offer commercial electric vehicles and parts within Australia

Provide comment and input on major policy initiatives and issues relating to electric vehicles

Provide programs and services for industry and the community

Work with other organisations to increase the effectiveness of the industry



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