Sydney from 31 May- 2 June 2016.

The 2016 Future Vehicles Conference will be a great opportunity for car manufacturers, government departments and regulators, car insurance companies, local councils, construction companies, toll road operators, electric vehicle companies, freight companies, taxi companies and all other stakeholders to meet, learn and share insights to prepare the introduction of self-driving cars. Autonomous driving is now all but guaranteed to eventuate, the question is when, who will deliver it and what level of automation will there be? Many within the automotive industry expect this to be a gradual curve that may take 10 – 15 years, or more, in which cars will slowly reach different levels of automation. Others however believe there is a ‘tipping’ point much closer, where once the technology is available it will rapidly improve and be adopted. Key considerations include legislation around safety, infrastructure, technology cost, whether vehicles are connected autonomous or fully autonomous and many more.

With major manufacturers unveiling their visions for the autonomous vehicle, and authorities moving toward licensing them and developing infrastructure and policy to support them, the latest advanced driver assistance systems suggest we are already on the cusp of making the once futuristic concept of autonomous driving a reality.

This would constitute the most fundamental change in transportation since the advent of the steam engine.

Significant investments are being made by the automotive industry and governments to accelerate the pace of innovation, while all stakeholders including insurance companies, taxis and freight companies carefully watch to help them build their future strategies.

The Future Vehicles 2016 conference has been specifically designed to assess the rate at which autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles may be adopted, the policy settings needed and the broader implications of this fundamental shift.

The advisory panel at the Future Vehicles 2016 conference will include:
David Wilson, Principal Transport Planner, Transport for NSW
Arjan Rensen, Regional Manager NSW/ACT, ARRB Group – Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative
Dean Economou, Technology Strategist, NICTA
Travis Brooks-Garrett, Partner, Freight & Trade Alliance 


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