Our CEO, Behyad Jafari

As the CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council, Behyad Jafari works with industry, government and the media to accelerate the electrification of road transport, for a more sustainable and prosperous Australia. With experience advising politicians, businesses and non-profits, Behyad has a strong understanding of Australia’s political, corporate and media landscape.

Our board directors


Andrew Davis

Board Director
General Manager (Retail Fuel and Utilities), Jemena

Andrew Simpson

Board Director
Head of Technology and Planning, Evie Networks

Carola Jonas

Board Director
Chief Executive Officer, Everty

Craig Norris

Board Director
National PHEV Sales Manager, Mitsubishi Motors

David Sullivan

Board Director
Head of Electrification Business, ABB

Dong Wang

Board Director
Managing Director, SSE Australia

James Voortman

Board Director
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Automotive Dealer Association

Kurt McGuiness

Board Director
Public Relations and Brand Experience Manager, Volkswagen Group Australia

Mary Moran

Board Director
General Manager Business Solutions, ORIX

Sam McLean

Business Development and Policy, Tesla

Tim Washington

Founder of JET Charge

Wayne Harris

Board Director
Head of Electric Vehicle Projects, GFG Alliance

Our Members

Leading companies involved in providing, powering and supporting electric vehicles, our mission is to accelerate the electrification of road transport for a sustainable and prosperous Australia.

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