Welcome to the Electric Vehicle Council 🚘⚡

We are the national body representing the electric vehicle industry in Australia.

Representing members from across the value chain of the electric vehicle sector, the EVC is a trusted advisor and advocate to governments and decision makers across Australia.

Our mission is to drive investment and awareness to accelerate the electrification of transport, for a more sustainable and prosperous Australia.

As the market is emerging in Australia, our work is particularly aimed at increasing certainty for investment through policy, knowledge sharing and education.

EV sales accelerate, but consumer choice still constrained by lack of policy settings⚡

The latest State of EVs report reveals that EVs are on track to more than double in 2023, while Australia continues to lag comparable nations on consumer choice without strong New Vehicle Efficiency Standards.

The Electric Vehicle Council finds that despite improvements in light EV uptake nationally, all jurisdictions are lagging on electric truck policy, meaning we are missing a crucial opportunity to decarbonise freight.

Employing Australians to build batteries, chargers, cars, buses and trucks. Cutting pollution from transport and doing our fair share to combat climate change. Reducing our reliance on foreign oil by using Australian energy to move.  
We can do all of this. But not while our policies and standards lag the world.
Australia can be an Electric Vehicle powerhouse