Holden Volt

Somebody has to be first. Somebody has to create
the future. Introducing the game-changing Holden Volt, an electric vehicle without the normal range anxiety.

Volt is significantly different from other electric vehicles because you have two sources of energy. You have an electric source – a battery – that allows you to drive petrol-free for up to 87 kilometres, depending on driving conditions. And once the battery charge is depleted, the Volt seamlessly switches to an on-board petrol generator that can produce electricity to keep

you going for hundreds of additional kilometres. In fact, the total driving range on a full electric charge and a full tank of fuel is over 600 kilometres.

So if you’re driving across town or across the country, you have the freedom to drive – anywhere.

The long range electric Holden Volt will change the way you think about driving, without changing the way you drive.

Holden Volt

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