Labor’s national electric vehicle plan would help Australia catch up to the global pack

The Electric Vehicle Council welcomes the Australian Labor Party’s pledge to make electric vehicles more affordable. Labor has undertaken to introduce an Electric Car Discount to make electric cars cheaper for Australians. As part of… Continue Reading


Victoria’s parliament must reject Pallas’s tax on not polluting or risk getting lapped by NSW

The Electric Vehicle Council is calling on the Victorian Parliament to reject the Andrews Government's globally unprecedented legislation which would slap a special tax on vehicles that don't emit pollution. Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas today… Continue Reading


New electric car sales figures show Australia stalled with hazards flashing

New figures released today by the Electric Vehicle Council show Australian electric car sales stagnant at a time when the rest of the world is hitting the accelerator hard. In 2020, there were 6,900 electric… Continue Reading


Incentives for electric vehicles make sense to Biden, Boris, and OECD – but Taylor apparently knows better

Angus Taylor’s ‘Future Fuels’ discussion paper is “yet another flaccid, do-nothing document that will prevent Australians getting access to the world’s best electric vehicles,” according to the Electric Vehicle Council. The government’s paper, launched today,… Continue Reading


Victorian voters reject Andrews Government’s tax on electric vehicles

Almost half of Victorian voters would prefer to buy an electric car and even more support the introduction of government subsidies, according to a new survey in six key electorates. The poll of 2000 people… Continue Reading


GM’s all-electric announcement proves Australian pollies have been Holden us back

Less than a year after pulling out of Australia and killing the Holden brand, GM's announcement today that it is going all-electric is no coincidence, according to the Electric Vehicle Council. GM made its announcement… Continue Reading


Statement regarding leaked draft of Australia’s electric car strategy

“Transitioning to electric vehicles is unarguably in our national interest, yet this strategy does nothing to accelerate the process. “If Australians were supported toward electric vehicles we could significantly reduce respiratory illness in our cities,… Continue Reading


States’ choice: Abandon electric car taxes? Or abandon 2050 zero emission target?

The Electric Vehicle Council is urging state governments to clarify whether they intend to push forward with electric vehicle taxes or hold to their 2050 zero greenhouse gas emissions targets. New research from the University… Continue Reading


Perrottet’s tax idea would seal NSW’s fate as the dirty car capital of the world 

New South Wales Treasurer Dominic Perrottet will cement his state's status as the dirty car capital of the world if he follows through with a scheme to whack a tax on electric vehicles, according to… Continue Reading


SA Labor shows the way with clear opposition to bizarre electric vehicle tax 

South Australian Labor's clear and reasoned opposition to the State Government's disastrous electric vehicle tax should be replicated by the Australian Labor Party across the country, according to the Electric Vehicle Council. SA Labor Leader… Continue Reading