Are fast chargers harmful to an EV’s battery?

DC fast charging enables EVs to be charged quickly. When using a fast charger some EVs can receive up to 300 kilometres of range in just 10 minutes.

Studies of real-world EV usage to date suggests that fast-charging an EV can have a greater impact on battery life if the vehicle is not equipped with an active thermal management system. Most new EVs are equipped with active thermal management of the battery (heating/cooling), and as a result, fast charging is expected to have a relatively small impact on usable battery life for normal driving. The exception to this could be high mileage vehicles that are fast-charged multiple times, day after day; where it is reasonable to expect a higher wear on the battery; similar to how conventional vehicles used for these purposes experience higher wear on combustion engines and other components.

Given every different EV has different batteries, it is important to check with the manufacturer what their recommendations are for charging.

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