Are there options for charging an electric vehicle in apartments or homes without a garage?

Yes, even without a private garage it is possible to have a charging station installed in a driveway or other suitable location where your vehicle can be parked safely. Whilst renters may not have a dedicated EV charger, if the car can be parked safely in a driveway that is near a power point, it can be charged. It’s always important to get permission to use a power point for charging from the owner of the infrastructure.

In other instances, renters may need to discuss EV charging installation with property management or landlords to get approval for installation. Owners corporations and strata managers are responsible for making decisions about common property, such as parking areas. The owner’s corporation or strata manager may also need to get approval from the local council. There is a lot of work being done in this area to ensure all new apartment buildings cater for electric vehicles.

Different state and territory governments are also developing programs to address retrofitting multi-unit dwellings e.g. NSW/ACT. Victoria has also recently released a poster on EV-ready buildings for owners corporations.

Additionally, for those EV owners who cannot charge their vehicle where they live (including receiving approval to do so), public charging is essential. For most Australians, a fast charge once per week would be enough to fulfil the average distance travelled.