Can I charge an electric vehicle at home using a regular power outlet?

Yes, if you have off-street parking, EVs can charge from a regular alternating current (AC) power outlet known as a Level 1 charger. It’s important to recognise that the typical charge rate is 1 to 4 km every 10 minutes. This means it will take several hours to add 100km of driving range. That said, this may be enough for many owners who travel less than 100 km on average each day.

Many EV owners choose to install Level 2 chargers at home if they regularly travel longer distances, or prefer a quick charger. Typically, Level 2 AC chargers add 4 to 12 km every 10 minutes of charging. This generally equates to adding 100km of driving range every 2 hours.

These are typical charging times based on average rates and can vary depending on a range of different factors.

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