How do EVs perform compared to petrol vehicles?

In general, EVs outperform petrol vehicles with respect to acceleration, energy efficiency, operating costs, maintenance costs and environmental impact. Range and top speed can vary depending on the model. EV specifications can be found in our latest State of EVs report here.

Unlike conventional vehicles, EVs deliver full torque instantly, meaning they can accelerate much faster than equivalent combustion engine vehicles. EVs also often have their batteries placed along the bottom of the vehicle, lowering the centre of gravity and providing better handling and cornering. EVs are much quieter than petrol vehicles and the electric motor produces minimal noise when compared to a combustion engine vehicle.

Different driving habits, lifestyles and the availability of charging infrastructure in a specific area can influence the suitability and performance of EVs compared to petrol vehicles. However, as the technology continues to advance, EVs are becoming a more suitable portion for many drivers seeking an efficient, environmentally friendly and high-performance vehicle.