How do I find charging stations on a road trip?

Prior to starting a road trip, it is recommended to plan a route that caters for the needs of your vehicle, keeping in mind that terrain and accessory use may influence the car’s energy consumption, and in turn its driving range.

We recommend using your EV’s infotainment system to find charging stations along your journey (in models where this feature is available). Many EVs will track your energy consumption in real-time, and advise you on the best charging station to go to in order to complete your journey in the fastest time and/or by following your desired route.

Plugshare is also one example of an independent app that allows EV users to search for charging stations by type and availability.

It’s worth also having a backup plan in case a charging station is unavailable, under maintenance or for any other reason. By planning ahead and topping up when convenient, EV drivers can reduce anxieties related to distance and have an enjoyable, stress-free road trip. This includes top-up charging your vehicle using a power point charge at your stop each night (where your accommodation provider provides permission to do so).