How long does it take to fully charge an electric vehicle?

Charging time will vary based on various factors such as the battery size, the amount of charge the vehicle has (state of charge) and the type of charger. The tables below are a guide to the different types of chargers and approximate charging times.

EV drivers are also experiencing a change in attitude towards “filling up”. Whilst petrol and diesel cars typically look for a petrol station when running low, EV drivers often charge based on where their vehicle is parked- such as at home or at work, as opposed to waiting for the battery to be empty. This can ensure regular, convenient and reliable battery recharging.

Public fast chargers are typically used on longer trips where rapid charging is needed to allow for further travel. Whereas chargers installed at home, caravan parks, shopping centres or tourist destinations usually have a slower charge time, and are ideal for charging for longer periods during the day or overnight.

The average Australian drives 38km per day so some EV owners can go for up to 10 days without charging. Unlike petrol cars, you can recharge an EV at home or anywhere with access to electricity.

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