Is there enough charging infrastructure to support electric vehicles in Australia?

Australia’s national network of public charging infrastructure is rapidly expanding. Private companies, and local, state and federal governments are investing in and co-funding the construction of an expansive charging network, right across the country. While over 80% of charging generally takes place at home (if owners have off-street parking), or at work, there is still an important need for public charging infrastructure.

Our annual State of EVs report provides the latest statistics on how many chargers are available in Australia. While the situation continues to improve, there is still more work to be done, particularly inland of our coastal regions. The EVC is confident the vast majority of Australia will have access to public EV charging infrastructure before 2030, based on the continuing increases in investment and co-funding into this infrastructure.

To get further insight into where public chargers have already been installed around Australia, take a look at PlugShare.