EV Battery Reuse and Recycling

We have teamed up with the Association for the Battery Recycling Industry (ABRI) to develop an explainer exploring the rapidly evolving landscape of EV battery reuse and recycling in Australia. 
EV batteries are helping achieve sustainability objectives and the development of circular economy practices, with refurbishment, reuse, repurposing and recycling significantly reducing greenhouse emissions and resource consumption.
EV makers have placed a strong emphasis on optimising battery design to extend lifespan and reduce raw materials consumption, as well as carefully considering end-of-life management.
Australian-led recyclers and reusers play a crucial role in closing the loop between battery recovery and new production, while collaborative efforts are driving advancements in battery recycling research and industry preparations to process a growing volume of end-of-life EV batteries over coming decades.

The Electric Vehicle Council would like to acknowledge the support of the Association of the Battery Recycling Industry (ABRI) and its members in developing this resource. For further information on the battery recycling industry in Australia, please visit the ABRI website here.