Electric Vehicle Council endorses government’s NVES model

Electric Vehicle Council endorses government’s NVES model


The Electric Vehicle Council has endorsed the government’s new vehicle efficiency standards as a big step forward for Australia.

“For many years now, we’ve campaigned for Australia to join the US and Europe by introducing vehicle efficiency standards so car makers are incentivised to offer their best and most affordable electric options to Australians,” said Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari.

“The government’s NVES model represents strong, ambitious standards that will send a clear signal to the global automotive industry: Australia now demands the same options in electric cars, vans and utes that you offer to the US and Europe.

“We know most Australian drivers are now interested in considering electric options, so more choice on the market will naturally drive greater take-up of EVs. Ultimately, these standards will mean all Australian consumers are paying lower fuel bills, breathe cleaner air and enjoying a greater choice of the latest and greatest in new cars.

“Thanks to these standards Australia will no longer be considered the global dumping ground for the world’s most inefficient vehicles.

“Importantly, these standards are robust and transparent, giving us a solid foundation from which to build in future years.

“I’m proud of the influential and constructive role EVC members have played in delivering today’s result.

“I congratulate the federal government for having the mettle to take this step forward after several of their predecessors promised but failed to introduce this important reform in the national interest.”


NVES factsheet – DITRDCA


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