Volvo Australia’s massive EV call should send a jolt through policymakers

Volvo Australia’s decision to go electric-only by 2026 – four years ahead of its global parent company – is a powerful demonstration of Australia’s electric transport potential, according to the Electric Vehicle Council.  Volvo Australia… Continue Reading


Latest State of EVs report shows huge boom in EV sales, but Australia still miles behind due to policy

EVs now represent 3.39 per cent of all vehicle sales, a 65 per cent increase on 2021, according to the Electric Vehicle Council's new State of EVs report released today. The ACT leads the nation… Continue Reading


Demand for EVs now drastically outstripping supply: State of EVs report

The latest State of Electric Vehicles report notes demand for EVs in Australia is now drastically outstripping supply due to Australia still being perceived by global carmakers as an unattractive market. While consumer demand for… Continue Reading


Palaszczuk Government’s new EV plan shifts Queensland into a faster lane

The Queensland Government's new $55 million EV package will send a strong signal to the global industry that the Sunshine State is an appealing place to be, according to the Electric Vehicle Council. The new… Continue Reading


EV sales boom presents chance to capture serious electric benefits, if government acts now

The Electric Vehicle Council has today released exclusive 2021 sales figures that show Australia at the precipice of an EV economic boom – if the federal government plays its cards right this year. Sales of… Continue Reading


Urgent reform needed to deliver new era of electric trucks in Australia

In an Australian first, the Electric Vehicle Council ( and the Australian Trucking Association ( have collaborated to develop the policies necessary to drive Australian trucking into a bright electric future. Electrification would assist trucking… Continue Reading


Electric Vehicle Council welcomes carsales as newest member

The Electric Vehicle Council is proud to announce its newest member: carsales – the largest online automotive classifieds business in Australia. The EVC and carsales recently partnered on the Council's Consumer Attitudes Survey for 2021,… Continue Reading


Future Fuels a fizzer: Government’s strategy misses opportunity to electrify Australian transport

The federal government's long-awaited Future Fuels strategy ignores the most important and effective measures to improve electric vehicle uptake, according to the Electric Vehicle Council. The strategy will support and accelerate the rollout of some… Continue Reading


With EVs critical to UN 2030 target, Australia must stop being world’s dirty car dumping ground

With reports today that Australia will need a "dramatic shift" to electric cars to meet a call from the United Nations to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the Electric Vehicle Council is calling on the… Continue Reading