ALP announces Electric Vehicle Policy

ALP announces Electric Vehicle Policy

Labor’s National Electric Vehicle policy a giant leap for affordability, investment, and the environment. The Electric Vehicle Council has today described Labor’s National Electric Vehicle policy as a game changer that will spur investment and start driving the nation into a cleaner transport future. The policy, Australia’s first, would introduce a national electric vehicle target of 50 per cent new car sales by 2030 and a Government electric vehicle target of 50 per cent by 2025. Other key aspects of the multi-faceted policy include an upfront tax deduction for businesses purchasing electric vehicles and a formal electric vehicle COAG agenda. Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari said Labor’s policy was an exciting stride forward for the nation. “This policy is the step-change Australia has long been waiting for,” Mr Jafari said. “It would finally see Australia accelerating from the back of the global pack as we should. We are a well-resourced, modern nation full of people who care about their local environments and the planet. “The lack of certainty and support that the Australian Government has offered the electric vehicle sector to date is unique in global terms. But Labor’s 50 per cent target will finally show industry that Australia is committed to an electric transition and allow greater investment to follow. “Without a hard target or an improvement in emissions standards, Australia is destined to become a dumping ground for dirty, petrol-thirsty vehicles that can’t be sold elsewhere. They might seem cheap at purchase, but they’ll cost consumers a lot more in the long run. “Every Australian would benefit from a pivot to electric vehicles. Our cities could have clean, quiet roads. Drivers could be spared the unpredictability of the petrol bowser. And the nation wouldn’t be completely dependent on foreign fuel imports. “Australians want to own electric vehicles, this much we know from polls. But they need much better support from their government and Labor’s plan would deliver it. “We urge the Coalition to support this plan so the nation can be guaranteed progress and a cleaner transport future.”

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