Australian auto industry’s voluntary CO2 shift shows it’s time for government to get moving

Australian auto industry’s voluntary CO2 shift shows it’s time for government to get moving

The Australian auto industry’s decision to unilaterally move on CO2 standards shows the door is open for government to implement mandatory emission standards that encourage the best clean vehicles to be made available to Australian consumers, according to the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC). The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) today announced a voluntary industry CO2 standard in recognition of Australia’s declining global position. EVC chief executive Behyad Jafari said the move was “a welcome step that paves the way forward.” “Today’s announcement proves the industry recognises that CO2 standards benefit consumers,” Mr Jafari said. “The government should follow the lead and introduce mandatory standards comparable to the US, the EU, and most other markets. Until this happens we’ll just have to accept that a huge proportion of the world’s most appealing EVs will be unavailable to Australian consumers. “Standards need to be designed in a way that encourages automakers to bring their EV models to Australia. Australians are early adopters, but they’re missing out on many of the benefits of EVs because our governments have failed to act. “The relevant stakeholders in Australia are ready to move with the times. But ultimately government needs to play a major role. “The EVC is focused on building the ecosystem that will be required for the long term viability and economic sustainability of low emissions transport. We recognise that vehicles are an important part, but that the evolution of the automotive industry will require a range of traditional sectors to work together. “We stand ready to work cooperatively with government and industry players to help drive the transition we know will make Australia a better place.”

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