Electric Vehicle Council welcomes carsales as newest member

Electric Vehicle Council welcomes carsales as newest member

The Electric Vehicle Council is proud to announce its newest member: carsales – the largest online automotive classifieds business in Australia. The EVC and carsales recently partnered on the Council’s Consumer Attitudes Survey for 2021, finding over half of Australian drivers are considering purchasing an electric vehicle as their next car. EVC chief executive Behyad Jafari said it was terrific to have carsales aboard. “Nobody understands Australian drivers and their preferences better than carsales,” Mr Jafari said. “carsales has decades of passion and know-how and access to a wealth of data about what Australians like – and what they don’t – when it comes to cars, and the ability to tap into consumer habits around buying and selling. “We all know the future of driving is electric, but how we get there is incredibly important. “It will be terrific to be able to draw on the knowledge and experience of the carsales team as we work toward our mission of electrifying the Australian fleet.” “We are thrilled to partner with EV Council. carsales is Australia’s ‘Everything you auto know’ destination, and that goes for electric cars as well,” said carsales Managing Director – Australia, Ajay Bhatia. “We’ve conducted a number of comprehensive EV studies this year and what we’re seeing is significant momentum in the electric car space. Our role is to help educate consumers and offer advice to improve understanding around EV adoption,” continued Bhatia.

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The Electric Vehicle Council continues to lead the charge in terms of education and market development around electric vehicles for Canberra and the surrounding region. The ACT’s Planning Minister, Mr Mick Gentleman MLA, has today launched the Electric Vehicle Council’s new website. The Electric Vehicle Council’s website is a smart hub containing the latest news and developments regarding electric transport both locally and around the globe.