Electric Vehicle Industry welcomes Minister’s support

Electric Vehicle Industry welcomes Minister’s support

The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia has welcomed comments by Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, recognising the significant benefits of a transition to electric vehicles, and calling for greater state and federal co-ordination of support. (link) CEO Behyad Jafari said the industry has been working productively with governments across Australia to develop meaningful support for the transition to cheaper, healthier and safer electric vehicles. “The Minister’s comments demonstrate a strong level of understanding of the size and scope of the benefits available to Australia from the global transition to electric vehicles.” “From reducing carbon emissions, lowering household transport costs, improving public health, creating innovative new jobs and businesses, and ending our dependence on imported oil, Australia stands to make substantial gains.” “Australia’s national road fleet is among the least efficient in the developed world. At a time when the electricity sector is increasingly powered by renewables, it makes sense to move our vehicles away from fossil fuels and power them from that clean source or energy.” “The industry has been leading this transition, with investment in new models and charging infrastructure. What we need however is a signal that governments support the change to provide certainty for greater investment.” “The answer, as identified by the Minister is a co-ordinated national plan to encourage and support the purchase of electric vehicles. That includes through short-term incentives, the co-ordinated deployment of charging infrastructure, integration of the electricity system and strong fleet targets.” “The future of mobility presents great opportunities for the development of new businesses and jobs in Australia, we need to act now to play a leading role in this global transition.” “I look forward to continuing to work with the Minister on developing and delivering on the electric vehicle agenda in 2018,” said Mr Jafari.

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