EV Insights Webinar

Between August and November 2017, ClimateWorks, in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Council, presented three webinars in the EV Insights series. The webinars provided Australian businesses and policy makers with the opportunity to learn from international experts about electric vehicle strategy and policy. This video is from the third webinar, presented by Garrett Fitzgerald from Rocky Mountain Institute on the Future of Mobility. The EV Insights Webinar series was supported by ARENA.  

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Electric Vehicle Council launches new EV digital information hub

The Electric Vehicle Council continues to lead the charge in terms of education and market development around electric vehicles for Canberra and the surrounding region. The ACT’s Planning Minister, Mr Mick Gentleman MLA, has today launched the Electric Vehicle Council’s new website. The Electric Vehicle Council’s website is a smart hub containing the latest news and developments regarding electric transport both locally and around the globe.