Fast charging network a confidence boost for electric vehicles

Fast charging network a confidence boost for electric vehicles

The NRMA’s $10 million roll-out of an electric vehicle fast-charging network across NSW will be an important step forward in Australia’s transition to electric vehicles, according to the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC). EVC Chief Executive Behyad Jafari today said the network of at least 40 chargers would give drivers more confidence in using electric vehicles for extended trips. “Our research shows that most Australians would consider buying an electric vehicle, but they are concerned by a lack of support from the federal government and the availability of charging infrastructure. “The roll-out of chargers, however, will send a highly-visible message that electric vehicles are quickly becoming a mainstream product for all motorists. “The transition to a new era of fuel-free motoring is well and truly underway.” Mr Jafari said consumers were literally driving the change towards electric vehicles, and the pressure was now on the Federal Government to play catch up. “The transition to electric vehicles is undoubtedly in the national interest. “Electric vehicles reduce our precarious reliance on imported fuels, reduce transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce household fuel bills with the cheaper cost of recharging with electricity. “It is the role of government to show that the transition to electric vehicles is not just legitimate, it is also supported. “The Federal Government can show some leadership in this space by exempting electric vehicles from Fringe Benefits Tax, and setting a target for proportion of electric vehicles sold on the Australian market.” “Australia can benefit more than any other country from a transition to electric vehicles, but we’re being left behind due to inaction from our federal government.” “What we need is an unambiguous message to consumer and industry that the government supports the transition to electric vehicles.”

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