Federal government’s electric vehicle plan requires better clarity and purpose

Federal government’s electric vehicle plan requires better clarity and purpose

The peak body for the electric vehicle industry has expressed its disappointment at the federal government’s underwhelming approach to the electric vehicle revolution, outlined in the new Climate Solutions Fund. Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari said a lack of clarity in the government’s plan was inadequate for a nation like Australia in 2019. “A year ago Josh Frydenberg declared, correctly, that electric vehicles represented a disruptive advance on par with the introduction of the iPhone,” Mr Jafari said. “Since then we have had a full Senate inquiry into electric vehicles, and the industry itself has provided reams of evidence and information to the government. “Now, on the eve of a federal election, we hear the government committing to nothing more than the creation of a plan about a plan. It’s underwhelming to say the least. “Australia’s action on electric vehicles needs far more urgency, because our flat-footedness to date has seen us slip several steps behind the world. As things stand we are becoming a dumping ground for the world’s dirtiest vehicles; vehicles that can’t be sold anywhere else. “The Electric Vehicle Council will continue to work constructively and cooperatively with government – that is our purpose. But we will be emphasising that we already know the steps that need to be taken. The international precedent exists and we need to be getting on with it now. “Imagine if our federal government had dragged its heels like this when horse and buggies were being made redundant last century. We wouldn’t have any highways. “Australians want to own electric vehicles, this much we know. They deserve much better support from their government. “We urge the federal government, and indeed the alternate government, to recognise the potential of electric vehicles and outline plans to move decisively to a cleaner transport future.”

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