Finkel Review: Electric Vehicles can help shape a better energy system

Finkel Review: Electric Vehicles can help shape a better energy system

The Electric Vehicle Council welcomes the Finkel Review’s recognition of the important role of electric vehicles in the future of the National Electricity Market. The Finkel Review found that the uptake of electric vehicles, combined with a decarbonised grid, ‘could help to achieve significant emissions reductions in Australia’s transport sector’. The report further discusses the possible future application of electric vehicles as distributed battery storage facilities, improving grid security and reliability. Electric Vehicle Council CEO, Behyad Jafari, said providing incentives to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles is an efficient and effective method of reducing carbon emissions, while providing significant economic opportunities for Australia. “The opportunities electric vehicles present have been recognised around the world, with almost one million sales expected in 2017.” “With transport accounting for 18 per cent of our total emissions, electric vehicles provide an opportunity to transition to a fleet of vehicles that are cleaner and cheaper to operate.” “Electric vehicles powered by renewable energy have zero carbon emissions, while providing a boost to the economy, providing opportunities for investment in Australian industry.” “By encouraging electric vehicle uptake, Australia can develop innovative new business opportunities in this burgeoning global industry.” “One opportunity recognised in the Finkel Review includes the ability to improve grid security and reliability, recognising electric vehicles are essentially batteries on wheels.” “We already have some innovative businesses being developed in Australia to service the electric vehicle industry. With over $50bn already invested in the global electric vehicle industry, now is the time for Australia to take action,” said Mr Jafari.

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