National EV Charging Network

National EV Charging Network

The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia (EVC) has welcomed the announcement of a national ultra-fast electric vehicle charging network as the latest sign of a burgeoning Australian EV industry. The network includes 21 charging stations, built by network operator Chargefox and supported by Australian motoring clubs and a grant by the federal government. EVC CEO Behyad Jafari said the announcement of a national charging network shows Australia stands to benefit from a growing new industry in electric vehicles. “Electric vehicles present a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvigorate our place as leaders in the future of the automotive sector,” Mr Jafari said. “Australians have always been entrepreneurial leaders in the development and deployment of new technologies.” A PwC report commissioned by the EVC shows that a 2030 target of 50% electric vehicles for new car sales would increase real GDP by almost $3bn and net employment by 13,400 jobs from replacing imported oil with electricity alone. The actual benefits of e-mobility in Australia are likely to be even greater due to the country’s supply of natural resources and skills in the clean energy and automotive sectors. “Today’s announcement demonstrates that Australia’s EV industry stands ready to invest in new businesses and jobs that will last long into the future,” Mr Jafari said. “What Australia’s been missing is decisive leadership from the national government that demonstrates Australia’s readiness and support of e-mobility to the world. “When it comes to an EV industry, we’re global leaders. Unfortunately, when it comes to national policy, we remain global laggards.” “The good news is that, should the government come to the table, there is a burgeoning and invigorated industry potential for them to tap into.” “The world has sent a clear signal; the future is electric. All that’s left is for Australia to decide whether we want to be makers or takers in the future of mobility.” “The development of our electric vehicle industry through co-ordinated policy and regulation is a great news story waiting to be written.” The EVC has called on the federal government to set a national target for EV adoption, supported by a nationally co-ordinated range of policies and regulations to transition the road fleet from fossil fuels to electric. Australia is unique among global developed nations in its absence of national electric vehicle policy, with many countries having set targets and dates for the total ban of internal combustion engine sales.  

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