NSW Government shows real leadership with EV incentives in Net Zero Plan

NSW Government shows real leadership with EV incentives in Net Zero Plan

The New South Wales Government is setting the state up for a cleaner, more efficient transport future through its measures to encourage EV uptake in its Net Zero Plan, announced today. The Berejiklian Government’s new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Model Availability Program will run competitive funding processes that will co-fund the deployment of fast electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It will also incentivise vehicle fleet owners, such as car rental companies, car share companies, and local councils to procure electric vehicles. As well as this the NSW Government will create amendments to the National Construction Code and NSW Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) to ensure new buildings are electric vehicle-ready. “The New South Wales government is showing genuine leadership through these measures,” said Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari. “Every citizen in the state will win from a transition to electric vehicles. The air we breath will be cleaner, we will break our dependence on foreign oil, and we will all save money in the long run. “I am deeply appreciative that Energy Minster Matt Kean has truly listened to the electric vehicle industry and delivered for the state. We look forward to further constructive dialogue with Mr Kean. “Rapidly rolling out conveniently located charging infrastructure across the state will signal to consumers that the government backs the purchase of an electric vehicle. Making new buildings electric vehicle ready will send a further strong signal. The benefits of electric vehicles should be for everyone, regardless of whether they live in their own home, a tenanted property, or an apartment with or without a private car space. “Mr Kean and the NSW Government have rightly recognised that the average driver can save about $1300 per year on fuel costs by switching to an electric vehicle, as well as saving about $300 on annual maintenance costs. “Currently, however there are too many barriers to those considering the purchase of an EV. By encouraging vehicle fleet procurers to buy electric vehicles, their bulk purchasing power will incentivise importers to sell a greater range of electric vehicle models. “Over time this will make the electric vehicle market in New South Wales more competitive for all consumers. This is smart, practical policy from Australia’s premier state. “Fleet vehicles are, on averages, resold to the second-hand market after three to five years. This will give NSW drivers more electric vehicle options at a lower cost.”

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