SA Labor shows the way with clear opposition to bizarre electric vehicle tax 

SA Labor shows the way with clear opposition to bizarre electric vehicle tax 

South Australian Labor’s clear and reasoned opposition to the State Government’s disastrous electric vehicle tax should be replicated by the Australian Labor Party across the country, according to the Electric Vehicle Council. SA Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas today announced his party’s clear opposition to Premier Steven Marshall’s plan, which would actively discourage people from buying electric cars and drive investment in electric vehicle infrastructure away from South Australia. Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari said that SA Labor’s clear position was invaluable for the future of the industry in Australia. “SA Treasurer Rob Lucas says he’s confident other state governments will follow his strange position, but given he’s made South Australia the first jurisdiction on the planet to slap a special tax on electric cars he may have disastrously backed the wrong horse,” Mr Jafari said. “But it pays to take nothing for granted when it comes to electric vehicle policy in Australia, so SA Labor’s clear position today is extremely welcome. Mr Malinauskas has shown his Labor colleagues across the country what a logical position on electric vehicles looks like in 2020, and I would assume others will follow suit soon. “Indeed, outside of South Australia the Coalition also seems to realise the idea of slapping a tax on electric cars at this point in time is a ludicrous position to take. It’s akin to whacking a new tax on nicotine gum because you’re worried about a drop in the tobacco excise take. “As EY showed just a few weeks ago, every electric car sold today is a net win for government coffers and a net win for the economy more broadly. “No government seeing clearly would attempt to disincentivise Australia’s transition to electric vehicles through a big new tax. Mr Malinauskas and SA Labor have recognised that and their stated position is extremely welcome.”  

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