The voice of the Australian electric vehicle industry

The voice of the Australian electric vehicle industry

While car manufacturers and governments around the world prepare for the reality of an electric vehicle future, Australia is at risk of missing out. Lacking true vision, politician’s debate how energy is produced, while industry and international investment has moved on. It’s well past time to take action, providing integral support through policy, to enable infrastructure and market investment. The benefits of doing this are well known. Electrifying our transport moves the use of cars, buses and motorcycles to a future free from carbon emissions. Every major car manufacturer is awake to the fact that their business will increasingly be powered by electricity. Energy companies and infrastructure providers are investigating ways to provide new services, with an emerging industry of start-up companies preparing to transform our economy. It’s with this goal in mind that the Electric Vehicle Council has been formed. Made up of membership from companies representing automotive, energy, infrastructure and research sectors, the Electric Vehicle Council is today the only national body representing the emerging electric vehicle industry in Australia. Our mandate is simple: Driving the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia. Our planning stage involved understanding the barriers to uptake of the Australian market through research and engagement with industry. We’re now in Stage 1 – reaching critical mass. We know that when markets reach critical mass, they provide certainty that unlocks greater investment – in turn providing infrastructure, support and competition which drive down costs for consumers. For electric vehicles, this means working with leaders from the corporate sector to drive initial sales and establishing the appropriate policy and regulatory foundations. For companies, the Electric Vehicle Council will provide advice and support to enable the purchase and operation of electric vehicles. For government, we will present solutions based on internationally proven methods to drive uptake and investment in the electric vehicle market. Finally, for participants, we will provide a forum to unite our voice, uncover opportunities for growth and drive the future of the electric vehicle industry in Australia. Behyad Jafari is the Chair of the Electric Vehicle Council

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