NSW Gov Approved Products


The Electric Vehicle Council has partnered with the NSW Government to create a list of approved AC EV chargers and EV charger software that is eligible for funding under the NSW Government co-funding programs. The lists can also support those who want to understand the types of AC EV chargers in the Australian market, typical costs and who supplies them.

The EVC has run an Expression of Interest (EOI) process to develop this list of approved EV charging hardware and software products on behalf of the NSW government.

Visit the NSW Government’s Electric Vehicle page to learn more about current grants and programs.

How to use the lists

The lists are relevant to applicants of NSW Government’s EV grants and programs including:

  • EV destination charging grants
  • EV kerbside charging grants
  • EV fleets incentive

The lists should be read in conjunction with the applicable funding program guidelines.

If you require EV charger software, you must select your software before selecting your EV charger, as not all software supports all chargers.  Please note that EV charging hardware can be purchased from any supplier, including suppliers not referenced in the list, and be eligible for co-funding from NSW Government co-funding. 

Minimum product specifications

Each product has been vetted against a set of requirements developed by the EVC in association with NSW Government. These requirements are designed to ensure fit for purpose, flexible and durable products are utilised for NSW government co-funded installations.

EV charging software requirements
EV charging hardware requirements

Enable the remote management of an EV charger

Available within Australia, with a procurement lead time of no more than 3 months

Be available and supported within Australia

Compliant to relevant Australian standards

Be compatible with OCPP 1.6 (a communications protocol allowing robust communication with the charger)

Able to support charging of any EV make/model available in Australia

Have a user-friendly interface

Type 2 socket outlet or Type 2 tethered cable

Be available on Android and iOS operating systems

7kW or 22kW AC output

Have a mapping interface to locate EV chargers

RCM labelled

Enable any member of the public to sign up

OCPP 1.6 and/or OCPP 2.0 communications capability, over at least one of Ethernet, Wifi or 4G

Offer billing services with variable pricing functionality (for example, different prices at different times of day)

Ingress protection rating of IP54 or higher

Be supported by evidence, from Plugshare or similar, of the software platform enabling charging at 3-4 different locations

Impact protection rating of IK08 or higher


The EVC has run an Expression of Interest process to develop this list of approved EV charging hardware and software products on behalf of the NSW government and has based the list on information and assertions provided to the EVC by the equipment and software suppliers. The EVC and NSW Government do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied to us, and hence do not accept responsibility for any losses associated with the use of the information presented on this list. It is the responsibility of anyone using this list to conduct their own research and due diligence on each supplier and EV charging hardware/software prior to purchase or installation.

For industry

The hardware and software lists are updated periodically through an expression of interest (EOI) process. EOI-3 ran from January 2024 to February 2024, with the latest version published in April 2024. Information about the second EOI, which ran from August to September 2022, can be found here: NSW Destination Charging – EOI #2

Information for successful round 1 NSW EV destination charging grants applicants

Successful round 1 applicants of the NSW destination charging grants are required to utilise hardware and pricing based on V1 of the lists. Please click below for information.

 The hardware and software lists will be updated on a periodic basis.

NSW EV destination charging grants