Our mission

The Electric Vehicle Council is the national body representing the electric vehicle industry in Australia. Representing companies involved in providing, powering and supporting electric vehicles, our mission is to accelerate the electrification of road transport for a sustainable and prosperous Australia.

Priorities for Electric Vehicles in Australia

The Electric Vehicle Council has undertaken significant research and industry engagement to develop a strong understanding of the barriers preventing mass market uptake of electric vehicles in Australia. Priorities for the advancement of electric vehicles in Australia fall into three categories.

EV market

An affordable and competitive EV market enables everyday Australians to consider transitioning to a low emission vehicle.

Regulatory framework

Strong vehicle emissions standards and regulations encourage manufacturers to import EVs to the Australian market – and encourage industry and consumers to purchase them.

Consumer awareness

Increased awareness of the benefits and savings of EVs promotes uptake.

Electric Vehicle Council activities

The Electric Vehicle Council, together with its members co-ordinates a range of activities to accelerate adoption , including:

Advocacy and research

Bringing together the voices of corporate, government, academic and community stakeholders to jointly advance Australia’s electric vehicle market.

Industry co-ordination

Advising and fostering relationships to aggregate demand and supply, raise consumer awareness, and facilitate collaboration.

Harnessing innovation

Demonstrating confidence and building opportunities in Australia’s EV industry and down the supply chain.

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