Information for fleets:

Corporate and government fleets have the potential to drive the electric revolution in Australia, making up 52% of annual new vehicle sales.1

Commitments to fleet electrification are important as they can demonstrate vehicle demand to carmakers, are an important source of supply to the second-hand market and provide impetus for the roll out of charging infrastructure.2

To help fleets with their electrification journey, the Electric Vehicle Council and Evenergi co-developed the FREE program Charge Together Fleets.

The program helps fleet and sustainability managers transition their fleets to electric, by providing the necessary knowledge and tools.

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Fleet electrification offers many benefits.

  • Environment: fleet decarbonisation shows a commitment to sustainable practices and dedication to action on climate change. It is also a way to meet sustainability commitments such as the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change and states’ individual net zero emission targets.
  • Economy: total cost of ownership calculations improves the business case for electric vehicles due to their lower operating costs.
  • Society: electric vehicles can lead to improved driver experiences and reduced driver fatigue as a result of less noise, fumes and vibrations.3
  • Corporate Responsibility: fleet electrification demonstrates an ethical and forward-thinking organisation that is on top of emerging technologies.

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