NSW Destination Charging Grants

Approved EV charger and EV charger software lists



The NSW Government is investing $20 million to support the rollout of EV chargers at thousands of tourist destinations across regional NSW.

Visit the EV destination charging grants webpage to learn more and to see if you’re eligible to apply.

The Electric Vehicle Council has partnered with the NSW Government to create a list of approved AC EV chargers and EV charger software that is eligible for funding under the grants.

Why you are here  

You have either been directed to these lists as part of your grants application process, or because you are interested in learning more about which EV chargers might be suitable for your site.

Each list is designed to support applicants of the EV destination charging grants as well as those who want to understand the types of AC EV chargers in the Australian market, typical costs and who supplies them.

How to begin

Follow the steps in the flowchart below to select your EV charger and/or EV charger software. Guidance text in the downloadable PDF lists will help you understand how to choose the right charging product for your site.



NSW destination charging list download (v1.3)


For hardware and software suppliers seeking to engage in the grants program

The hardware and software lists will be updated on a six monthly basis.

Details of the expression of interest (EOI) program used to create the initial list, inclusive of technical requirements and Q&A published during the process, can be found here:

NSW destination charging supplier EOI document v1.1

Please feel free to register your interest in participating in future EOIs related to this grant program via the contact details provided in the EOI document above.


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