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This aim of this resources page is to provide third party information on; developments in the global electric vehicle industry; projects relating to new and emerging technologies; information on the economic and environmental benefits of EVs; and compare the cost efficiency of electric vehicles with mainstream fuel alternatives.

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Document Name Publisher and Date Excerpt
State of Electric Vehicles in Australia 2018 Electric Vehicle Council & ClimateWorks Australia - Market, policy & consumer outlook on Australia's electric vehicle industry in 2018. Published by ClimateWorks Australia for the Electric Vehicle Council.
Recharging the economy Electric Vehicle Council, NRMA, St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, PwC - PwC commissioned research investigating the direct economic impacts of accelerating electric vehicle uptake in Australia.
State of Electric Vehicles in Australia 2017 Electric Vehicle Council & ClimateWorks Australia - Market outlook on Australia's electric vehicle industry in 2017. Published by ClimateWorks Australia for the Electric Vehicle Council.
EVC Response to proposed model for fuel efficiency standards Electric Vehicle Council - August 3, 2017
Smart Transport and Mobility Systems Electric Vehicle Council - August 30, 2017 Joint submission to the Australian Government's National Cities Performance Framework
Submission to Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions Electric Vehicle Council - March 10, 2017 The Electric Vehicle Council's submission in response to the three consultation papers - Draft Regulation Impact Statement Improving the Efficiency of New Light Vehicles; Draft Regulation Impact Statement on Noxious Emissions Standards for Light and Heavy Vehicles; and Discussion Paper on Improving Fuel Quality Standards.
The Innovation Interface University of Leeds, in collaboration with future cities catapult - January 20, 2017 Business model innovation is needed because new technologies and engineering innovations are currently far ahead of the energy system’s ability to accommodate them. This report explores new business models that can work across the auto industry, transport infrastructure and energy systems.
EVs - disrupting the energy mix Advisian - September 7, 2016 Advisian foresees that the benefits EVs offer consumers will be the main reason for their uptake and we can expect more than 4m EVs on Australian roads by 2035.
Electric Vehicle - Its' not just about the car Bloomberg New Energy Finance - August 22, 2016 IN 2016, BNEF was the first mainstream energy research firm to publish this comprehensive forecast showing electric vehicles penetrating deep into the car market.
Insights - Electric Vehicle AEMO & Energeia - August 1, 2016 This inaugural report is about electric vehicles (EVs), and has been produced in response to keen interest on this topic. It provides a view of how this emerging technology may develop in Australia, and what this could mean for electricity consumption and demand.
The Path Forward for Electric Vehicles in Australia ClimateWorks Australia - April 1, 2016 The Path Forward for Electric Vehicles in Australia has been prepared by a collaboration of industry representatives from the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem, to explore the role of EVs in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality and achieving improvements in energy productivity.
Australian Government - Vehicle Emissions Discussion Paper Commonwealth of Australia - February 1, 2016 This discussion paper has been released to seek views on measures to achieve the Australian Government’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030, the air quality objectives of the National Clean Air Agreement, and the National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) objective of a 40 per cent improvement in energy productivity by 2030. In line with the Ministerial Forum’s terms of reference, the focus of this paper is on road vehicles.
The evolution of electric vehicles 2013 - 2015 JATO Dynamics Ltd - November 18, 2015 This paper examines the current state of the market and argues that current trends point to a bright future for EVs as they continue on their journey from fiction to reality.
Climate Council - battery storage and electric cars Climate Council of Australia - October 30, 2015 This papers explores how battery storage will ingrate with the transport industry and the associated market benefits.
Plugged In - How Americans Charge their EVs Idaho National Laboratory - September 30, 2015 This paper contains insights form the largest PEV infrastructure demonstration project in the world. Conducted between Jan. 1, 2011, and Dec. 31, 2013.
Alternative fuel vehicles fact sheet Energy Supply Association of Australia - August 8, 2015 Electric vehicles can both deliver increased economic growth and employment in Australia by moving us away from imported fuels. Analysis has identified optimal targets for Australia that are achievable with low-cost policy changes.
The CO₂ Emissions Challenge PA Consulting Group - August 1, 2015 Every year, PA ranks the top carmakers in Europe according to their performance against the European Union’s (EU) CO₂ emission targets.
ACT Green Vehicle Scheme ACT Government - June 29, 2015 The ACT Government is the only jurisdiction in Australia to have a differential duty scheme for new cars, utes and light commercial vehicles.
The 2015 Global EV Outlook International Energy Agency - March 5, 2015 The Global EV Outlook infographic represents the collective effort of seven years of primary data gathering and analysis from the Electric Vehicle Initiative’s 16 member governments
US Electric Vehicle Consumer Handbook US Department of Energy - February 9, 2015 This handbook is designed to answer your basic questions and point you to the additional information you need to make the best decision about whether an electric-drive vehicle is right for you.
ACT Electric Vehicle Council submission to the ACT Govt Low Emission Vehicle Strategy discussion paper Electric Vehicle Council - August 19, 2014 The Electric Vehicle Councils submission to the ACT Government's Low Emission Vehicles Strategy discussion paper
Transportation Electrification - Utility Fleets Leading the Charge Edison Electric Institute - June 1, 2014 This white paper focuses on the electric power industry’s effort to accelerate the expansion of electric transportation in commercial and retail markets, beginning with electric utility fleets. The paper encourages investor-owned electric utilities to meet an industry-wide goal to spend at least five percent of annual fleet acquisition budgets on plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and technologies.
Electric cars: A market outlook PWC - May 1, 2014 This paper addresses questions such as how many electric vehicles will be used in Hungary in the upcoming years, the significance of electric mobility, and its effects on the Hungarian energy sector and economy
US EV Everywhere U.S. Department of Energy - January 21, 2014 EV Everywhere is the umbrella effort of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to increase the adoption and use of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs).
A transition to electric vehicles US Department of Energy - January 21, 2014 This report focuses on the USDOE efforts to increase the convenience of PEVs through the Workplace Charging Challenge, which calls on U.S. employers to help develop the nation’s charging infrastructure.
US e-Gallon methodology US Department of Energy - June 10, 2013 How much does it cost to drive an electric vehicle the same distance you could go on one gallon of gas?
Sparking an Electric Vehicle Debate in Australia Energy Supply Association of Australia - January 1, 2013 The paper explores the potential of EVs to contribute to the transformation of transport vehicles in Australia and details the government measures in place in other markets to foster a domestic EV market.
EV City Casebook International Energy Agency - April 1, 2012 The purpose of the EV City Casebook is to share experiences on EV demonstration and deployment, identify challenges and opportunities, and highlight best practices for creating thriving EV ecosystems.
Electric Vehicles in America Roland Berger Strategy Consultants - October 7, 2010 This paper will This handbook is designed to answer your basic questions and point you to the additional information you need to make the best decision about whether an electric-drive vehicle is right for you.
Electric Vehicle Standards Standards Australia Limited - October 1, 2010 This paper examines the need for development of Australian Standards for electric vehicles (EVs) given their likely introduction into the Australian marketplace in the near future.
Fuelling Future Passenger Vehicle Use in Australia Jamison Group to NRMA Motoring & Services - February 1, 2010 An independent report, which highlights the challenges facing Australia in regards to securing a greener, less volatile transport energy future for Australia.
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