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16 June 2020

EVC Submission to AER on Victorian electricity regulatory proposals

By Electric Vehicle Council
EVC Submission to Australian Energy Regulator on Victorian electricity distribution business regulatory proposals
19 March 2020

EVC Submission to AEMC issues paper 2020 Retail Energy Competition Review: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Council submission to the AEMC issues paper 2020 Retail Energy Competition Review: Electric Vehicles
6 February 2020

EVC Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Road Safety

Electric Vehicle Council submission to the Joint Select Committee on Road Safety.
16 January 2020

EVC submission to the National Transport Regulatory Reform

Electric Vehicle Council submission to the Australian Government Productivity Commission's National Transport Regulatory Reform.
19 December 2019

EVC submission to Parliament of NSW Bus Inquiry

Electric Vehicle Council submission to the Parliament of New South Wales' 'Electric buses in regional…
9 December 2019

Submission to the WA Climate Change Issues Paper

By Electric Vehicle Council
Electric Vehicle Council submission to the Western Australia Climate Change Issues Paper -2019.
15 November 2019

Submission to the Northern Territory Electric Vehicles Discussion Paper

Electric Vehicle Council submission to Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics on Preparing…
25 October 2019

Submission on Victorian Electricity Networks Pricing position

By Electric Vehicle Council
Electric Vehicle Council submission to Victorian Electricity Networks position for Household Network Pricing.
25 September 2019

Submission on 'Smart' Demand Response Capability for EV Chargers

By Electric Vehicle Council
Electric Vehicle Council submission on the E3 Committee proposal to mandate Demand Response Capability in…
10 September 2019

State of EVs in Australia 2019

By Electric Vehicle Council
Market, policy & consumer outlook on Australia's electric vehicle industry in 2019.
28 June 2019

Cleaner and Safer Roads for NSW

By Electric Vehicle Council
This report summarises the health impact of air and noise pollution on NSW's roads and…
29 November 2018

Recharging the economy

By Electric Vehicle Council, NRMA, St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, PwC
PwC commissioned research investigating the direct economic impacts of accelerating electric vehicle uptake in Australia.
29 November 2018

State of Electric Vehicles in Australia 2018

By Electric Vehicle Council & ClimateWorks Australia
Market, policy & consumer outlook on Australia's electric vehicle industry in 2018. Published by ClimateWorks…
29 November 2018

New Policy Proposal: Accelerating electric vehicle adoption

By Electric Vehicle Council & NRMA
Government policy proposals to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia
30 August 2017

Smart Transport and Mobility Systems

By Electric Vehicle Council
Joint submission to the Australian Government's National Cities Performance Framework
10 March 2017

Submission to Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions

By Electric Vehicle Council
The Electric Vehicle Council's submission in response to the three consultation papers - Draft Regulation…
3 July 2020

Proposed new tax on EVs would put wheel clamp on NSW’s clean future

MEDIA RELEASE WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 2020 "If government revenue from cigarette sales falls, it’s not…
14 March 2020

NSW Government shows real leadership with EV incentives in Net Zero Plan

The New South Wales Government is setting the state up for a cleaner, more efficient…
6 February 2020

Huge jump in Aussie EV sales underscores massive untapped potential

A 203 per cent jump in Australian electric vehicles sales for 2019 is welcome, but…
16 December 2019

Applying an extra tax on EVs would make Australia a global laughing stock

A new report from Infrastructure Partnerships Australia that suggests an additional 'road user charge' on…
8 October 2019

New digital platform for fleet managers set to drive mass switch to EVs

Media Release: New digital platform for fleet managers set to drive mass switch to EVs…
Hume Highway
27 August 2019

Report that petrol vehicles produce lower carbon emissions than EVs is incorrect and irresponsible

A report in The Australian today, suggesting that standard petrol vehicles produce fewer carbon emissions…
6 August 2019

ACCC's sloppy logic on electric vehicles fails to consider health costs

The ACCC's claim that pollution-emitting vehicles are unfairly subsidising zero-emission vehicles completely overlooks the enormous…
25 July 2019

Real cost would come from ignoring emissions standards, and would be paid by Australian drivers

MEDIA RELEASE TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019 Real cost would come from ignoring emissions standards, and…
Angus Taylor MP
3 May 2019

Angus Taylor’s ’housing tax’ accusation on EVs a laughable lie

Electric Vehicle Council CEO Behyad Jafari has described suggestions by Energy Minister Angus Taylor that…
1 April 2019

ALP announces Electric Vehicle Policy

Labor’s National Electric Vehicle policy a giant leap for affordability, investment, and the environment. The…
4 March 2019

Punitive tax on electric vehicles in NSW must be avoided at all costs

The Electric Vehicle Council is negotiating with NSW Labor to ensure that electric vehicles (EVs)…
25 February 2019

Federal government's electric vehicle plan requires better clarity and purpose

The peak body for the electric vehicle industry has expressed its disappointment at the federal…
14 February 2019

Infrastructure Australia recognises electric vehicle infrastructure as a High Priority – so high time for government to get on board

Infrastructure Australia has, for the first time, identified the construction of a national electric vehicle…
4 February 2019

Comparing the major parties' EV policies in NSW

First, it should be acknowledged that while there’s a lot left to be done, these…
30 January 2019

The Senate gets it, the world gets it, so let’s get Australia on board the great electric vehicle shift

The newly-released recommendations of the Senate’s Select Committee on Electric Vehicles should be implemented as…
12 January 2019

NSW takes an important step toward cleaning the air of vehicle pollution

The New South Wales Government’s new electric vehicle policy is an important step along the…
22 November 2018

A 50% EV target could prevent 2,000 deaths and save 41Mt of CO2e by 2030.

Electric vehicles could prevent up to 2,000 deaths and save 41 megatons of CO2e, if…
22 October 2018

National EV Charging Network

The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia (EVC) has welcomed the announcement of a national ultra-fast…
18 October 2018

Victoria speeding toward zero emissions with electric vehicles

Today’s report on driverless, electric cars by Infrastructure Victoria sets the stage for Victoriato lead…
15 June 2018

Australia’s Electric Vehicle Industry Gains Momentum: Report

On the back of global trends, media interest and growing consumer awareness at home, Australia’s…
16 April 2018

Electric Vehicle industry welcomes ACT’s policy leadership

The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia welcomes the ACT’s continued leadership on delivering policy to…
13 January 2018

Electric Vehicle Industry welcomes Minister's support

The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia has welcomed comments by Minister for the Environment and…
4 December 2017

EV Insights Webinar

Between August and November 2017, ClimateWorks, in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Council, presented three…
20 October 2017

Fast charging network a confidence boost for electric vehicles

The NRMA’s $10 million roll-out of an electric vehicle fast-charging network across NSW will be…
4 October 2017

Qld reclaims 'smart state' honours with nation-leading electric vehicle strategy

Queensland has today jumped out ahead of the rest of the nation by joining the…
6 September 2017

Australian government supports electric vehicle leasing

Macquarie-CEFC deal to boost electric vehicle take-up A $100 million agreement between Macquarie Group's leasing…
27 July 2017

Industry welcomes QLD EV Super Highway

Australia’s electric vehicle industry has welcomed today’s launch of the Queensland Electric Super Highway. By…
7 July 2017

France bans petrol vehicles: What this means for Australia

The announcement by France to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 is the…
4 July 2017

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Myths Busted

In Australia the revolution is also underway, but slower to take hold. While EV technology…
14 June 2017

Time to act on electric vehicles

Fifty per cent of consumers would consider buying an electric vehicle today, but this could…
10 June 2017

Finkel Review: Electric Vehicles can help shape a better energy system

The Electric Vehicle Council welcomes the Finkel Review’s recognition of the important role of electric…
22 May 2017

New national body to drive uptake of electric vehicles in Australia

A new national body that aims to drive the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia…
28 April 2017

No, cutting your car’s carbon emissions won’t cost you more

The Australian government has started looking into carbon dioxide emissions standards for light vehicles, as part of…
28 February 2017

The voice of the Australian electric vehicle industry

While car manufacturers and governments around the world prepare for the reality of an electric…
26 November 2015

Electric Vehicle Council launches new EV digital information hub

Driving the Electric Vehicle Agenda The Electric Vehicle Council continues to lead the charge in…
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